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Silent film

Cinema is a technique that projects a series of frames quickly and successively in order to create an impression of motion. It is a spectacle capable of moving masses and has served to create a new language, a different way of saying things, using different techniques, special effects, tricks and forms of expression that turn it into an art. We can refer to silent film as a form of primitive cinema, which has no sound of any kind. This is because the technology that existed at the time did not allow it.

What is silent film?

Silent film is a series of images and movements within a film that consists only of the image and movements of the actors, in other words, it has no sound within the film itself.

About silent film

Silent film or silent cinema were basically that, films that had neither voice nor music. To provide more drama and excitement to the films, the music in the silent film was played live in sync with the action that was slowly happening on the screen, and pianos, organs and other musical instruments were used. Silent film producers brought famous films such as Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Circus and many more.


Among the main characteristics that could be observed in silent film the following can be mentioned:


It can be said that the origin of silent film began around 1894 and lasted until 1929. It reached maturity shortly before sound films appeared in the late 1920s. At the time, the visual quality of silent film was quite good, and it was not distorted as many people would have us believe.

History of silent film

Before the 1920s, most of the movies that existed had no sound at all, they were basically silent. Before sound was added to movies, it was known as the “silent era” among film scholars and historians. The art of moving images grew until it reached full maturity, and before silences were replaced by sounds and images that had the ability to speak, many experts believe that the quality of cinema diminished in the process.

As they gradually began to develop the film industry, filmmakers also discovered that music was an essential part of any film, as it gave the audience a great deal of emotional signals about what was happening on the screen.

Who invented it?

The silent film was invented in 1895, with the projection of Workers leaving a factory, and was invented by the Lumière brothers, in the Indien salon in Paris, they thought their invention was a scientific matter.


The elements of silent film were as follows:


Its importance lies in the fact that it was the first step towards having on the big screens what we enjoy today. If it weren’t for its invention, modern cinema wouldn’t have been a reality today. At the time, it was also a source of work for many artists and mainly for musicians.

Feature films

Some of the most important and outstanding films of silent film were:

Outstanding actors

Among the most outstanding actors of silent film we can mention:

Featured actresses

Curiosities of silent film

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