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Screenwriters or scriptwriters do their work alongside directors and producers with the aim of writing screenplays for films or television programs. Some may begin their careers as editors or writers for production companies. Screenwriters need to be able to work as a team and under a lot of pressure. A bachelor's degree is not necessary, but many screenwriters hone their skills through different bachelor's degree programs or by enrolling in certificate script-writing programs.


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What is a screenwriter?

The screenwriter is the person in charge of writing the script to be followed by the people who are going to act or appear in a certain play, be it television, film or even radio.


The screenwriter is the person who is completely dedicated to writing different scripts whether for cinema, theatre, radio or television. He is the person in charge of making the base of a project and they can be storytellers, biblical writers, dramatists, dialogists, depending on the script writing.

Characteristics of a screenwriter

The main characteristics that can be observed in a screenwriter are the following:

What does he do?

Screenwriters are responsible for developing scripts that come from their own ideas or from other existing ideas or work. When writing scripts, screenwriters are responsible for describing the stories in detail, including the physical environments related to the stories and the characters’ moods. Films and television programs require the use of these scripts. Prior to the production of a film or program, screenwriters may also produce a synopsis and several scenes from a story.

During the pre-production process, screenwriters take into account the directors’ ideas and also the ideas of the producers they are working with. They must have the ability to work and collaborate with others. Screenwriters adapt or write scripts for film or television, provide synopses and record scripts, and collaborate and rewrite on deadlines.

How to be a screenwriter

Professional profile

Within the professional profile that must have a screenwriter we can mention that must be a person able to master the language and the appropriate skills to be able to write texts full of creativity and imagination. A person who is motivated, patient, has self-discipline and a lot of concentration. They must also know how to organize their time as much as possible and how to manage their time correctly.


The main thing a person who wants to be a screenwriter is to have true passion for the things they do. It must be a person who has the ability to work independently and develop his imagination. They are usually very creative people, with innovative ideas capable of entering the job market and facing the challenges it presents.


Although no formal university education is required to serve as such, screenwriters usually acquire knowledge and skills from previous experience. They usually have previous experience as freelance writers or editors. Creativity and talent are essential when looking for a career in scriptwriting. Patience, self-motivation and the ability to accept criticism are also essential. Screenwriters must also be able to understand film, possess creative writing skills, and be an expert in film language.

How much does he earn?

The amounts that a screenwriter can win are not entirely official since they depend on several factors. However, there are some parameters for the amount of money a screenwriter must collect. For example, a total of 55,000 Euros is charged for a feature film script, 5,000 Euros for a synopsis, 30,000 Euros for film documentary projects, 1,000 Euros for video clips, 2,100 Euros for industrial or institutional didactic scripts. These prices will also depend on the number of minutes of production you have.


The film is a very important medium today. Most movie viewers probably don’t think about the collaborative process that some people go through every time they sit in the theater or on their computer, but the teamwork required is significant. The main importance that the screenwriter has is that he is the person in charge of guiding the work from the beginning, because it is based on the script writing that the work or film can be carried out.

Featured screenwriters

Some prominent screenwriters are:

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