Cinema and Television

Cinema and television were, without a doubt, two significant discoveries that revolutionized communication. From them, society could count with two extraordinary ways of communicating and society could count on with two extraordinary ways of communicating, entertaining and informing itself. Cinema and television leave indelible records based on these new forms of cultural expression.

In Cinema and Television section, readers will be able to access the great changes that have been taking place. From the Lumière brothers’ first rehearsals to the most modern advances. The major film productions, the most advanced technological equipment and the men who set milestones in film and television industry, have a privileged place in this section. Concepts, definitions and a review of all great events that have taken place in entertainment industry. All topics are addressed in depth, in an accessible and up-to-date manner so that readers can understand these manifestations that have influenced culture throughout the 20th century and which, through their advances, have become a daily transformation throughout this century.


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