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In order to be able to refer to the term feature film, we must also know that it is part of a film production, in other words, the group of specialists who are in charge of participating in the making of a film. Cinema, besides being an art and an important industry, is also a means of communication that has had a great influence within society and part of this great area is the feature film. When we see cinematographic productions, we can realize that some of them have a shorter time and others a longer duration, and this is when we hear the word feature film.

What is a feature film?

A feature film is any film production that has a duration greater than or equal to sixty minutes, or one that has a duration greater than forty-five minutes that is produced in 70 mm format and a minimum of eight image perforations.


We know as a feature film the audiovisual production or cinematographic production, which has a minimum duration of 60 minutes, is also considered as a feature film that production with a duration greater than forty-five minutes is produced in a support format of 70 mm with a minimum of 8 perforations per image.

Characteristics of a feature film

The most outstanding characteristics of a feature film are the following:


The origin of the feature film is documented in Lubin’s Passion Play, a representation of the Passion produced by the Lubin Manufacturing Company and premiered in January 1903. The film was divided into thirty-one parts and had a total duration of sixty minutes. Sometime later, the French company Pathé Frères launched its own cinematographic representation of the Passion of Christ: La Vie et la passion de Jésus-Christ, which was divided into thirty-two parts and lasted forty-four minutes.


According to UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, the first feature film ever made was called The Story of the Kelly Gang, a silent film of Australian origin that lasted just over an hour and was written and directed by Charles Tait.

Types of Feature Films

The classification of the feature film is quite extensive, and in order to make it, several different aspects are taken into consideration in order to classify it depending on the style, setting, format or type of audience. In this way we have:

According to its style or tone

According to its setting

According to its format

By type of audience

How long it lasts

The feature film is a film that has a duration of sixty minutes or longer than this number. The term also includes those films that have a duration of more than forty-five minutes, and that are produced in 70 mm format, with a minimum of 8 perforations per image.

How it differs from a short film

When we talk about short films we are referring to productions that have a duration of 30 minutes or less and can represent any existing genre as long as it adapts to the duration of the footage although it is more common to see experimental themes and art cinema. With respect to feature films, these are all productions that have a duration equal to or greater than 60 minutes.

Examples of feature films

Some examples of feature films that have stood out over time are:

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