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When we refer to the word performance, we are basically talking about the action and effect of exercising, assimilating, exercising functions, doing or producing a certain effect, in other words, of acting. The word is generally used to give name to the staging that is done by an actor, who is the person who plays a particular role whether in theater, film, television or other medium. Its etymological origin tells us that the word comes from the Latin language, and that it comes from the verb actuare, which in turn comes from another different verb "agere", which has the meaning of the word "to do".


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What is performance?

Performance or acting is the action and the effect of putting into action a certain result, it is the staging that is done by an actor either within the theater, cinema, television or any other means of communication.

About performance

In order to know what performance consists of, it is important to know that the most important part of acting are the actors and actresses who participate in different activities such as theatre, cinema, radio and television. They are people who use a series of movements and imagination to shape different characters within a particular story that has been written by the writer. It is the work that is done by the actors whose function is to represent a specific character. This process begins with an approach of the actor to his character in order to know him and integrate fully with him.


Among the most outstanding characteristics that we can observe in the performance we can mention the following:

Performance background

Many of the investigations that have been carried out over time have reached the conclusion that the first manifestations of performance arise in Greece with the first actor known as Thespis. But  the profession as such originated in Europe during the 16th century, specifically in Italy.


As mentioned above, the Greek Thespis was the first actor to exist and perform at the Dionysus Theatre in 534 BC. On stage, Thespis spoke in first person, thus playing a character. Until then, stories had been told in front of an audience, but everything was always done in the third person and in a sung form. The professionalization of acting began in Europe during the sixteenth century, in the country of Italy, and was born with the first professional companies of Commedia dell’Arte and the companies protected during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. During the 17th century acting roles could only be played by men as it was disgusting for a woman to perform on stage. In Venice’s theatres, the change that allowed women to perform theatrical performances began.


The techniques used to perform the action are as follows:

Performance importance

The importance of performance is based on how important the characters are within a given work, because it is through them, their gestures, the way of acting that you get in contact with the viewers, making them feel a great number of emotions that can then be expressed as well.

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