The rainforest is one of the many biomes that we can find around the earth, it is a very humid and hot biome located near the equator of the Earth. The largest tropical rainforests in the world are found in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Tropical rainforests receive approximately 60 to 160 inches of precipitation that is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year. The combination of constant heat and abundant humidity makes the rainforest a suitable environment for the habitat of many plants and animals. Tropical rainforests contain the world's greatest biodiversity. More than 15 million species of plants and animals live within this biome.


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What is the rainforest?

Tropical rainforests are a series of forests with tall trees, a warm climate and abundant rainfall. This type of forest does not present great changes in its seasons and has a great quantity of biomes.

Rainforest characteristics

The main characteristics that we can mention of the rainforest are the following:

Rainforest fauna

Many animal species can be found within the rainforest. Among them can be found a number of common characteristics that include a number of adaptations to the world around them. They are animals with bright colors, strong vocalizations and diets based on fruits. Insects are the largest group of animals living in tropical forests. They include brightly colored butterflies, mosquitoes, stick insects that know how to camouflage themselves, and huge colonies of ants. The rainforest of the Amazon River contains a wider variety of plant and animal life than any other Biome in the world.

Rainforest flora

There are many types of flora in the rainforest, some of them with flowers. The most interesting thing about rainforest flora is that the roots do not grow in the soil, but are aerial plants, and the water they drink to live properly comes from rainfall. Thanks to these plants, there are many insects that also feed on them. Flowers and fruits are a source of food for other animals. The vines and ferns help to connect the layers between the biome, herbs and mushrooms, fruits and nuts.


Tropical rainforests are divided into four different layers, each of which has a different type of flora and fauna. These layers are:


The climate of the rainforest is quite rainy and has a humid or monsoon tropical climate. It is characterized by a hot climate all year round. Days do not vary in length and rainfall is seasonal. Generally, there are two rainy seasons per year near the equator, only at latitudes away from the equator.


Maximum temperatures of 35° C and average temperatures between 25° C and 27° C. The difference between the coldest month and the warmest month does not exceed 2° C.


The rainforest is an area in which large amounts of rain occur throughout the year. They reach up to 4,500 millimeters per year and the factor that most limits rainfall is light.

Where it is located

The rainforest is located in Central and South America, Central Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Economic activity

One of the main economic activities is agriculture. There is, then, migratory agriculture, which uses basic plantation instruments such as the sickle and the machete, and its production is intended to support farmers and families; modern agriculture or plantation is dedicated to the cultivation of a single product that can be cotton, coffee, cocoa, etc., and is an agriculture that produces large volumes and markets them. There are also mining activities and hydraulic resources.

Importance of the rainforest

Tropical rainforests are of great importance because they help give stability to the climate around the world. They maintain the correct water cycle and also protect us from floods, droughts and erosions. They are a source of home for many plants and animals and at the same time, they are home to native people who live in it.


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