How is it possible to identify a particular place as e.g. a desert, a forest or a jungle? It is the geographic characteristics that will determine what type of biome it is regardless of the place in the world in which this geographic area is located.

What is a biome?

A biome, also called a bioclimatic landscape, is a large geographical area in which species of animals and plants coexist under specific climatic conditions. The living beings that form part of a biome are not only closely related to each other but also to the environment in which they live. All this contributes to environmental ecological balance, which is indispensable for proper state of the ecosystem.

Biome characteristics

Each biome is defined on the basis of its characteristics, these are the geographical conditions, as they generate a flora and fauna suitable for the habitat. These factors contribute to ecosystem balance. Geographical factors influencing biomes are presented below:

Classification and types of biomes

They can be defined from their predominant vegetation and fauna, determined by climatic and geographical factors. They can be both terrestrial and aquatic.

Terrestrial biomes

These biomes can have many different characteristics depending on the climate in which they are found and the latitude and altitude. Among the main terrestrial biomes, they can be mentioned:

Aquatic biomes

Aquatic biomes are characterized by factors other than terrestrial, as they depend on depth, temperature and water regime. Among the main aquatic ecosystems are:

However, in this simple classification, the World Wide Fund for Nature achieves the classification of biomes according to WWF, which results in up to 33 different types of biomes. This distribution is accomplished by being terrestrial, with 14 subdivisions; freshwater biomes, with 14 subdivisions; and marine biomes, with 7 subdivisions.

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