Field hockey

Field hockey also known as bandy or street hockey is a sport where two opposing teams play each other. Each team consists of eleven players who compete with the objective of getting a ball into the goal of the opposing team (known as a goal) with the help of a stick. It is through this stick that the teams try to control the ball. The purpose is to score more goals than the opposing team at the end of normal playing time.

Field hockey

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What is field hockey?

Field hockey is a sport in which there is competition between two teams made up of eleven players, who fight to put a ball in the opponent's goal with the aim of scoring a goal using a hockey stick that allows them to control the ball during the game.

History of field hockey

The exact origin date of hockey is not known at the present time. There are some graphic records of rudimentary ways of playing hockey (game of sticks and a ball) in different places around the world. There are also images dating from Ancient Greece (500 B.C.) depicting a series of men playing naked pushing a ball with horns. In ancient times there was also a game called κερητίζειν because it was played with horns (“keras” in Greek). At the same time, the story says that Romans had a similar game called paganica. In Inner Mongolia (China), the daur ethnic group played a game called beikou, which was very similar to hockey. During the 1980s, the game was being played in both, male and female categories. In 1886, the Hockey Association was founded, and several international matches were played. Later, hockey was introduced in the 1908 Olympic Games. At the end of the 19th century, the field hockey association was inaugurated. Pakistan and India were the countries that most dominated the sport for several decades.

Field hockey rules

Game field

The game field is rectangular in shape and is 91.4 meters long and 55 meters wide. It has lateral lines that mark the long field perimeters, and the bottom lines mark the short perimeters. The goal lines are located in the part of the bottom lines between the posts of the arches. At the same time it has a central line marked in the middle of the field. The penalty spot has a diameter of 150 millimeters and is located at the front of each goal. The play field has flags that must be placed on goal posts and located at the corners of the playing perimeter. The bows must be centered and placed on the bottom lines. Today, natural grass fields have been replaced by synthetic grass, as it reduces ball friction, makes the game faster and more accurate.

Equipment for practicing field hockey

The equipment needed to develop this sport consists of two main parts:

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