Modern pentathlon

Modern pentathlon is an Olympic sport discipline in which athletes actively participate in five different events in successive stages and have an order for their realization, so athletes must participate in sports such as fencing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting and a foot race. This now modernized sport is also a symbolic sport of the Olympic Games, since the five Olympic rings of the symbol represent the Olympics, as well as the participation of the five continents of the world, the rings are inspired and based on the five different tests that are included within the modern pentathlon.

Modern pentathlon


Running, fencing, horse riding, swimming, shooting

What is modern pentathlon?

Modern pentathlon is a sporting discipline practiced during the Olympic Games, which consists of five different athletic events, fencing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting and a foot race. It is the sport symbol of the Olympics as it represents the sports embodied in the rings.

About modern pentathlon

This sports modality consists of athletes having to face five very varied tests. First, a round of fencing classification. The next day, athletes compete in four different events. The first is swimming, then fencing and then they can move on to riding. The classification in these three disciplines marks the order of classification for the combined race and shooting event.

Modern pentathlon history

Formerly the pentathlon was introduced into the Olympic Games during the 18th Olympiad in 708 BC. During that time, winning the pentathlon gave the athlete an important position within the games, making him worthy of the rank of “victor ludorum”, which means game winner. Pierre de Coubertin, decided that it would be good to update this sport discipline bringing it back to the modern world and incorporating it into the Olympic Games. He was in charge of choosing the events that today form it according to the competitions that an athlete had to have, in this way, the modern pentathlon would consist of five different events. The order of the events and the number of days in which the victory is disputed has varied with time.

Modern pentathlon was incorporated into Olympic programs during the Stockholm Games in 1912. At the beginning, only men were taken into account, the women’s competition started during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. In 1948, the International Union of Modern Pentathlon was created and has its headquarters in Monaco. In this way, the sport modality was practiced not only in sports games, but also in regular national, continental and international competitions. It is active in more than 115 countries around the world and is even practiced in the Pan American, Central American and Caribbean Games.

Modern pentathlon rules and tests

The tests that make up modern pentathlon are the following:

As for modern pentathlon score, it starts with 1,100 points and is lost with the penalties as follows:

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