Since man began to form the first social relations, to evolve in communities, he has questioned the essence of human being himself and his relationship with nature. In this way, philosophy became the first and most fundamental of all sciences. For many years, it was linked to religious beliefs, and for this reason philosophy has had a determining influence on human thought. In this section you can learn about all the philosophical currents that have dominated human knowledge, its evolution over the years and the changes brought about by sciences.

Here we will find, approached in an agile and understandable way, the men who stood out in philosophical thought. Aristotle, Socrates, Kant, Marx, Hegel and many others. We analyzed in a didactic way the profound and enriching debates between the different currents that appeared as opposed. Idealism and Materialism, religiosity and atheism. Debates that have had and have had decisive influences on human thought and action. All subjects are developed to be accessible to all.


Articles from the encyclopedia of Philosophy