Pole vault

Pole vault is an incredible sport to watch and worthy of admiration by lovers of physical sport. The technique can become so fluid and elegant that it is the result of a well-studied technique designed to optimize energy conversion during the jump.

Pole vault

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What is pole vault?

Pole vault is a fluid and elegant sport that involves running on a track at a certain distance to reach the point where a pole is placed in the ground box to try to jump the highest possible distance.

About pole vault

Competitors must jump on a horizontal bar that measures 4.5 meters in length by running along a track and placing a pole against a holding area at the back of a box centrally located at the base of the ground. All competitors have three attempts to jump, although they also have the option to jump one turn and try a higher height. Three consecutive failures at the same height or many combinations of heights cause the competitor to be eliminated.

Pole vault history

This discipline dates back to the Cretan, Celtic and Dutch populations. The horizontal jumps were the first to be incorporated into the sport and the first competitions of the nineteenth century were made with long jumps with pole vaults. In 1850, the English gave the jump a vertical position and in that year, began to perform in impulse jumping. At the beginning of the sport, a very heavy pole was used, with more than 10 kilograms, but then the material evolved and was changed for bamboo in 1905.


Pole vault consists of trying to reach the highest possible height with the help of a pole which rests in a box at the end of an impulse race. At the end of the last century, the pole vault was practiced with poles made of different types of wood, such as spruce, ash or chestnut. The need to increase the lever in order to achieve greater jumps, led to the construction of poles made of different materials, mainly fiberglass.

Pole vault rules

Among the most important rules we can mention are the following:

Pole vault phases


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