Without a doubt, mathematics is the science par excellence, from where all the other sciences begin to establish their conclusions. From the beginning, humanity has had the need to construct in abstract everything related to quantities, measures, geometric forms and everything that could be given a measurable value. In this way, man has been developing, throughout his history, from simple calculation formulas to the most complex numerical theories that astonish the sciences.

In Mathematics section of Eustorn96 encyclopedia, we introduce ourselves into the depths of this wonderful science. Here, the reader will have access to theorems, formulas and concepts, developed in a simple and easy way to understand. We will also travel through history and we will find how this science has evolved. No science has been able to remain outside of mathematics and proof of this is its decisive influence on all orders of human knowledge. A section that is characterized by its dynamism because mathematics transcends its own frontiers.


Articles from the encyclopedia of Mathematics