Discus throw

Discus throw is an athletic discipline with the main objective of throwing an object with a certain weight in a circular shape known as a disc, as far as possible. This practice is located within the field tests and consists of a turn and a half that the athlete must give on its own axis. It is considered one of the oldest disciplines and can be practiced by both women and men.

Discus throw

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What is discus throw?

Discus throw is the oldest sports discipline we can remember. It consists of throwing a heavy ball called disc as far away as possible by turning and a half on the same body.

About discus throw

The disc throw test consists of standing up and throwing a ball called a disc as far as possible by turning the body. The practice of this sport takes place within a circle measuring between 2,500 and 2,949 meters and is marked by a metal band which is placed at ground level and must be painted white. This disc can be made of wood or metal, as long as they comply with the correct weight and technical specifications that are required. The disc used by men must have a weight of two kilograms and a diameter between 219 and 221 millimeters, at the same time its thickness must be between 44 and 46 millimeters in its flat part. For women, the disc must have a minimum weight of one kilogram and its diameter must be between 180 and 182 millimeters with a thickness of 37 and 39 millimeters. The player who throws, revolves around himself to achieve greater speed and then must throw the disc with the arm in an extended position by a quick movement.

Disk throw history

Homer spoke about a festival in which a disc would be thrown in honor of Patroclus and this event was organized by Achilles, this is the only evidence in the history of the use of the disc in antiquity. The incorporation of this discipline took place in Athens in 1896, and women joined the competition in 1928, during the Olympics in Amsterdam. In 1896 it became one of the main sporting events at the Olympic Games.

Discus throw technique

To make a correct and adequate turn, the player must turn on his own axis one and a half times. Then, he must throw the ball with his arm completely stretched out by a quick movement. Each competitor may throw the disc three times while in the knockout round and then three more shots in the final round.

Disk throw rules


Disc throw has the following phases:


The disc throw area is formed by a circle with a diameter of 2.5 meters. This zone must be delimited by lines of 5 centimeters of width, painted in white color. The surface must be covered by some kind of non-slip material. It also has a cage with a minimum height of 7 meters and must be made with a strong net capable of stopping a very heavy object that goes at full speed.

The shoes

Athletes who practice discus throw should have their shoes completely flat and smooth to allow for a better spin. They also have an external reinforcement that is in more contact with the ground during execution and practice. They must be able to adjust to the foot of the pitcher just as a stock does.

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