The wheel’s invention provoked a real revolution in primitive communities. From that moment, man looked for by all means, the possibility of moving from one place to another with the least possible demand for physical effort. This is how transport systems were born, which were later used to move goods. Transport has served to connect men and social groups and to unify nations.

The Transport section is dedicated to studying the evolution of the different means of locomotion developed by man. From the old wagons to the ships used to explore the universe, transport has transformed social relations. Through it, man can get to know new places, have access to products developed thousands of kilometers away. All these subjects are addressed in this section in an accessible and dynamic way.

Transport is an inherent part of the daily activity of the human being, in all its aspects, which is why the Euston96 Thematic Encyclopedia dedicates an outstanding section to it, destined to know them deeply.


Articles from the encyclopedia of Transportation