Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a well-known Brazilian painter and sculptor, mainly for the vitality and optimism he demonstrates in each of his paintings, his visual and universal language is based mainly on his beliefs that art and artists are agents of positive change in the world. His interesting and colorful paintings bring to life Miami and Latin American cultures, and he focuses on bringing to light the different types of racial and socioeconomic contrasts mainly from the South Florida region. He includes within his paintings a strong sense of humor, aesthetics and even a little out of control when creating them. His art has led him to represent through his paintings, ads for Apple, Pepsi and Disney World.

Romero Britto

Personal information

  • When he was born: 06/10/1963
  • Nationality: Brazilian

Who is Romero Britto?

Famous Brazilian painter and sculptor whose works full of vitality, optimism and different racial and socioeconomic contrasts, reflect his beliefs that art is an agent of positive change for the world.

Romero Britto’s biography

Romero Britto was born in Brazil in 1963. He lived modestly with his eight brothers and sisters in Recife, Brazil. During his childhood and early youth, he painted using many vibrant colors. He used newspaper pieces or any cardboard he could find as canvases. Because of his nature and passion for learning, he tried to advance his artistic career. In 1983, he made a trip to Europe to meet in person the art of the main painters of the world and to present his work. After exhibiting in some galleries, Britto decided that he should travel to United States where Pops flourished, a technique in which he specialized. Britto moved to Miami and opened a studio where he exhibited his works for a while until 1989 when Absolut Vodka contacted him to design the company’s logo. In addition to his works, he has also worked as a book illustrator. His work has been exhibited in many galleries around the world, including the Louvre National Salon of Fine Arts, in 2008 and 2010.


Romero Britto’s style

Romero Britto’s painting style reflects human quality and evokes a spirit full of hope to the world, which is in fact his main objective. The soft and innocent appearance he reflects in each of his works gives his viewers a broad, open and optimistic view of life. His art focuses on expressing different feelings in human beings, whether personal or cultural, and does so through many different materials. Pop art that characterizes the artist makes him include in his images and sculptures a series of popular images separated from their context, combining them with others to give them a new meaning, trying to reflect hope and happiness. His work has been considered today as one of the main contemporary expressions included in popular art.

Outstanding works by Romero Britto

His work based on popular art involves a wide range of different themes, still lifes, people, animals, landscapes, among others. These are his most outstanding works:

Romero Britto paintings

Some of his best-known paintings are the following:


Romero Britto has created a great number of sculptures for different public art installations. Some of them are:

Even some of his works are located in the gardens of the White House and in the dome of Berlin.

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