Benito Mussolini

Men have shown that without support they are nobody, however, this is extrapolated when support occurs out of fear or cowardice, or favours. This is best understood when men like Benito Mussolini are studied, when they surrendered to Hitler's army.

Benito Mussolini

Personal information

  • Born: 29/07/1883
  • Birthplace: Predappio, Italy
  • When he died: 28/04/1945
  • Where did he die: Giulino, Azzano, Italy

Who was Benito Mussolini?

He was an Italian politician very repudiated by the world along with the group of dictators of past centuries, where we can find Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Joseph Stalin. He fully supported Nazism and became a support base for it.

Biography of Benito Mussolini

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, born in Predappio on July 29, 1883, devotes himself to politics and military career apart from graduating as a journalist, gets the position of President of the Council of Royal Ministers in the period from 1922 to 1923, established a fascist and authoritarian regime. He joined the Nazis during the Second World War and was shot on 28 April 1945.

What he did?

The truly remarkable thing about Benito Mussolini was how he could take advantage of all the political situations that were being lived in both, national and international politics, and take advantage of his socialist ideals, supported by the conservatives; implant fascism.

Military career

After the compulsory admission in Italy ceases, Benito Mussolini returns and decides to enter the military academy, standing out in the 10th bersaglieri regiment. At the beginning of the First World War he shows complete support but does not attend the battlefield, and even receives an injury from the explosion of a mortar during a practice so he is discharged and promoted out for military merits.

Dictatorship of Benito Mussolini

Within his dictatorship there were no major economic changes within Italy. The most remarkable thing is the total establishment of fascism in Italy being Benito its main leader, so there was a wave of terrorism by their own rulers for those who did not share this ideal.

Action during the Second World War

Because it is the Nazis who help Benito to escape from prison, among many other reasons, he decides to close a military treaty with Hitler to support him in the war as another front. This does not last long until Italy is attacked by allies from different flanks and invaded by Sicily being completely dominated.


After the fall of Nazism, Benito Mussolini knew the future he was expecting, due to the great rejection he had by the population, so he looks for ways to flee Italy, but it was something inevitable. He was trapped by the people in Giulino on April 28, 1945, and then shot, along with his lover and other companions in Loreto Square in Milan with his wife and exhibited in it for days until his rot.


Since he was a child, Benito Mussolini was marked by socialist ideals of his father, who gave him the name from different men with these ideals. As he made his way, he strengthened them within his political party and military formation.

Personality of Benito Mussolini

While for some people Mussolini was a fearful man and a coward for others, he was a worthy example to admire for his cunning to make politics and save his life. The truth is that the different situations of his life didn’t allow the scales to be tilted one way or the other, but it is necessary to emphasize that he had a great genius to develop plans and projects.

Physical characteristics

At an early age Benito Mussolini stopped growing with respect to his height more specifically at the age of 15, thus remaining 1.62 centimeters high, was a young man with light skin but was toasted by acquiring a darker tone. With respect to his facial features, the chin line was very straight so from the front it seemed that his face was completely square.


His parents were:


Mussolini was very well connected with all the politicians within the same Italy who held the same socialist ideals as him, but for the rest of the world he was a traitor by his decisions regarding the war, so he is excluded from world politics.


His two children were:

Phrases by Benito Mussolini

Among his most outstanding phrases are:


Benito Mussolini can be appreciated within the general culture in many ways, some of them are:

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