Winston Churchill

From the beginnings of the Churchill family, talking about this surname within British society carried a great deal of weight. But when the politician Winston Churchill was born, this family became more renowned for the transcendental nature of this man in the history of the United Kingdom.

Winston Churchill

Personal information

  • Born: 30/11/1874
  • Birthplace: Woodstock, United Kingdom
  • When he died: 24/01/1965
  • Where he died: London, United Kingdom

Who was Winston Churchill?

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was a man born at the Blenheim Palace in Oxford shire, London, who dedicated himself to politics. He is best remembered for his tenure as prime minister during the period 1940 - 1945, in which during the height of World War II with his message "Blood, Sweat and Tears" managed to keep high the morale of both, the military in the war and the entire civilian population affected.

Biography of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was born in the palace of Blenheim, during his student years he was admitted to an academic boarding school where he stood out with the best grades in mathematics and history.

He manages to travel to India and on his third attempt, he enters the military academy, after leaving it, he seeks to profile himself towards politics where, although he stumbles, he manages to make his way. When he reached old age, he began to gradually dislodge himself from his position as prime minister.

He died in the same place where his father died on January 24, 1965 due to a heart attack that caused a severe general thrombosis.

What he did?

The most important roles played by Sir Winston Chuchill, developed during the Second World War and when he obtained the position of prime minister, where he handled in both positions everything relating to the ships that circumnavigated the Atlantic sea.

Military Career

Winston Churchill manages to enter the Royal Academy of Sandhurst after his third attempt for the year 1893, manages to graduate from the position of 8th of 150 students and at the time of leaving graduate enlists in the army with only 21 years as second lieutenant of the 4th regiment of hussars.

Political Activity

His political career begins after returning from a trip to South Africa, where he presents himself as a candidate for Oldham and ends up elected, but he does not attend parliament but rather decides to travel throughout the United Kingdom and the United States for his campaign. When he returns, he joins the already installed parliament and decides to ally himself with a dissident group nicknamed the Conservative Party.

Performance during the First World War

Everything about Winston Churchill and the First World War is surrounded by great controversy because there were certain archives where it was attributed to him full responsibility for the sinking of RMS Lusitania in order to include the United States in the war.

Performance during the Second World War

At the beginning of the Second World, War Winston is named as the first Lord of the Admiralty and therefore he is assigned missions of great importance. Sadly, Hitler and the USSR were always one step ahead of the ones he created, so it was until the conformation of the allies where he had a great protagonist within the planned strategies.

Winston Churchill’s government

One thing that greatly highlighted Churchill’s position in government was (despite his outbursts of impulsivity) to seek to foresee any danger for the military troops, since, having been so, he understood how difficult that race was.


When Winston Churchill took the position of prime minister he was already in his last years of life, when he reached old age, he gradually gave the position to Eden, who was his protégé. Very little was seen in parliament even in important elections, so the queen decides to offer him support but he rejects it and decides to spend the last moments of his life with his family even though this was something “totally boring” for him.

Winston Churchill’s ideology

Winston in a specific point of life understood that “when tyranny is law, revolution is order“, so he always sought to do the right thing within the political offices he defended. This ideology was affirmed when he traveled to Cuba and could see closely the confrontation between the Spaniards and the rebels.


Winston Churchill always sought to bring to those who faithfully followed him the same ideology that he possessed since he thought that the best way to commune with a community is to share the same thoughts.


At the beginning, the young W. Churchill was quite rebellious and neglected within many of his student circles but showed great love for what he liked like history and fencing. When he reached adolescence, he began to develop a great love for politics and historical research, making him more active in achieving his goals.

Physical characteristics

During his childhood to adolescence Sir Winston Churchill maintained a fairly definite figure, his bone structure was large enough for his age, but he was not overweight, his skin was clear, and his hair was smooth. At the beginning of adulthood, he began to gain weight until he became heavier, even after a certain age he was overweight.


His parents were:


Winston Churchill was not only able to interact with British politicians and military, but also with US politicians as they were:


Sir Winston Churchill managed to have five children:

Winston Churchill’s contributions

Sir Winston Churchill’s most palpable contributions today are his books and articles on politics, military strategy and history, which serve as a basis for study and understanding applicable to the world’s current political situations.


Winston performed very well in sports, in the boarding school came to win many medals as fencers and when he entered the military academy with the Polo team managed to win a championship Inter- regiment. As an adult, he wrote many books on politics and history, including The Daily Graphic newspaper, which financed some of his trips for him to write articles.


Within Winston Churchill’s most prominent phrases:


Sir Winston Churchill is undoubtedly a man with an admirable life history and a worthy example to follow. Since he was a little boy, he stood out in what he liked the most and with time, he shaped those tastes correctly until he became an excellent politician and military strategist.

Written by Gabriela Briceño V.

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