Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, fast action from side to side of the court, physical display and last-minute annotations are some of the attractions to watch this famous sport.


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What is basketball?

Basketball is a very famous sport, which consists of scoring points by throwing a ball with your hands through the basket of the opposing team suspended at each end of the court.

About basketball

It consists of a confrontation between 5 players on each side in a covered court. The game consists of scoring points by throwing a ball with your hands through the basket of the opposing team suspended at each end of the court. The team that makes the most baskets, either by converting shots from the field or from the free throw zone, wins the match.

Basketball characteristics

The main characteristics of basketball are:

Who invented it?

It was invented by James Naismith, a professor of American physical education at YMCA University in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891. The idea arose while looking for a sport that could be done in a closed environment such as the gym during the winter.

Naismith wanted to create a sport of physical contact similar to soccer or rugby but requiring greater dexterity. By placing a couple of baskets of peaches that were hung on each side of the track was how the name of one of the greatest sports in history was born.

Naismith also designed some basic rules for the newly created basketball and the teams consisted of 9 players on each side. Subsequently, metal hoops with bottomless nets, boards and a smaller number of players were introduced, shaping the sport as it is known today.

How to play basketball



The rules of basketball are:



There are multiple age categories, highlighting: fry, cadet, junior, senior, university and professional.


Some outstanding basketball competitions are:

Basketball techniques

There are two types of techniques, offensive and defensive.

Offensive Techniques

Offensive position without ball

Two-handed passes

Shoulder Pass

Dribble: Ball dribble is a technical offensive mode by which the player is allowed to move around the field of play.

Shooting at the moving hoop

Defensive techniques

Defensive displacements

Technique of the seizure of the ball and opposition


The measure of the international courts consists of a standardized measure of 28 by 15 meters. Meanwhile, in the NBA (National Basketball Association) the courts have measures of 29 by 15 meters.

On the other hand, the net located in the hoop should be about 3.05 meters from the ground.


The equipment of a basketball player consists of:

Famous basketball players


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