Primary sector

The sector that includes the different raw materials is also known as the primary sector or primary production sector. This sector includes all of the sectors of human activity that transform natural resources into commodities. These raw materials are products generated from agriculture, crop production, animal husbandry, fishing, forestry and mining. In less developed economies, the primary sector will comprise most of the economy in these places. Generally, as the development of the economy is achieved, there will also be an increase in labor productivity that will allow workers to leave the agricultural sector and move to other sectors, such as manufacturing and the service sector.

Primary sector

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What is the primary sector?

The primary sector is the part of the economy dedicated to the exploitation of natural resources in order to obtain raw materials either for direct consumption or to be used by the secondary sector to create goods for common use.

Characteristics of the primary sector

The most important characteristics of the primary sector are as follows:


The main activities of this sector are:


The activities carried out in the primary sector are important, necessary and indispensable for the population’ survival. Farmers and stock breeders play an important role because they are in charge of helping the production of all the raw materials that will be used, for the most part, by the secondary sector in order to create products for human consumption.

It should be remembered that without the products produced in the primary sector, the other sectors could not function properly and would not be of any use. It is for this reason that the primary sector is considered as the starting point of any economy.


Primary sector in Venezuela

One of the main sources and base of Venezuela’s economy is oil. They make important shipments of crude oil to many countries abroad. Also, Venezuela is one of the main producers of natural gas, as well as iron, bauxite and coal. It is also the main producer of limestone and dolomite, the foundations for cement production.

Primary sector in Argentina

One of the main activities of the primary sector is the production of grains and soybeans. Argentina can be considered the world leader in grains, oils and derived products. In addition to agriculture, cattle farming is the main component of Argentina’s diet and is the sixth largest producer of this product in the world. In recent years, the poultry sector has expanded enormously, and poultry meat production obtained a growth in exports increasing the country’s economy.

Primary sector in China

The fundamental pillar of the Chinese economy is agriculture, which supports the majority of the population, as more than 40% of the population is dedicated to this work. Fishing and seafood consumption is the largest in the world, is the largest producer of fish and the country that carries out more sea fishing.

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