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Mega Drive

Although it was with the Nintendo NES and SNES systems that the basis of video games was laid for many players of a certain age, the Mega Drive (or Genesis as it was known in North America) represented at one time, an alternative for those who were not fans of Mario Bross and Link. In addition, the Mega Drive, which had the advantage of a fast processor at the time, was able to compete with Nintendo in the United States. It was on October 29, 1988 that the Mega Drive was launched in Japan, Sega's third console and the best-selling in the history of this Japanese manufacturer.

Mega Drive

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What is the Mega Drive?

The Mega Drive or Sega Mega Drive is a fourth generation video game console from the Japanese company Sega. It was launched in 1988 in Japan and in 1989 in North America, where it was renamed Sega Genesis. In 1990, it was launched in Europe.

History of Mega Drive

The Mega Drive, conceived by Sega company, had its initial launch in 1988 in Japan and later, in 1989, in the United States. In United States, it was popularized as Genesis because the name Mega Drive had already been registered.

When this console was launched, Nintendo owned with the NES, 92% of the Japanese market and 95% of the North American market for video game consoles. However, Sega managed to position the Mega Drive in the United States and Europe. Even in 1992 and 1993, Mega Drive became the leader in the Latin American market. Then, with the emergence of Super Nintendo that dethroned Mega Drive in the mid-90s, this changed. However, already at that time they began to make their appearance in different markets, the first fifth-generation consoles.


Technical specifications


Mega Drive models


The Mega Drive cartridges weren’t the same type for all the games. In fact, it was possible to insert different kinds of cartridges into the cartridge slot of the console. The traditional standard cartridge used for most console games consisted of a version of the Master System. On the other hand, the cartridges marketed in the Japanese market were slightly different in order to prevent them from being used in Western models.

These two types of official cartridges were used by most companies. However, it is important to mention the cartridges manufactured by the company Electronic Arts.


Mega Drive featured games


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