French Revolution

The French Revolution, also known as the Revolution of 1789, was the revolutionary movement that shook France between 1787 and 1799 and reached its first climax in 1789. Hence the conventional term "1789 Revolution", which denotes the end of the Old Regime in France and also serves to distinguish that event from the later French revolutions of 1830 and 1848.

French Revolution
  • When was it: From 07/14/1789 to 09/11/1799
  • Where was it: France

What was the French Revolution?

It was a revolution that marked the end of a historical era and the beginning of the contemporary age, it marks a dividing line between the Ancient regime and the French Revolution: the monarchical absolutism that governed feudal society.


The French Revolution ended the system of absolute monarchies of the European countries, which was based on the principle that all powers resided in the king, who was the source of all power by divine right; such right was the legal and philosophical basis of his sovereignty.

The French Revolution separated these powers, making the legislative power belong to an Assembly or Parliament; the executive power to the king and his ministers, or in a government in the republics; and the judicial power in the courts of justice.

In short, it would seek to eliminate the monarchy or let it be absolute to become a political system in which they would control each other. It was also understood that sovereignty did not come but from the people, who delegated the exercise of power to freely elected rulers in periodic electoral processes.

Characteristics of French Revolution

The main characteristics of the French Revolution were the following:


There were several causes for French Revolution, among them are:

Aims and Objectives

The main objectives of French Revolution were:


The French Revolution lasted 10 years and its phases were as follows:

Most important facts

Among the most important facts we can mention:


The abolition of absolute monarchy in France was a direct consequence of the process which succeeded in putting an end to the privileges of the aristocracy and clergy. Servitude, feudal rights and tithes were eliminated; property was disintegrated and the principle of equitable distribution in the payment of taxes was introduced.

The principles of freedom of worship and freedom of expression written in the Declaration of Human Rights were established, freedom of conscience and civil rights for Protestants and Jews were initiated.

The first Constitution was formed, and the ecclesiastical goods were eliminated so that, they were passed on to the nation to solve economic problems.


Among the most important achievements of the revolution we can mention that important changes were made in European politics, it was a social model that transformed the economy and the role played by social classes. Enlightenment ideas triumphed over the monarchy and the United States was born creating a new political system.

Impact of French Revolution

Its impact was enormous, its ideas, values and the model that emerged from it spread worldwide and are still being practiced. It influenced human rights, democracy and the shaping of today’s world. The new policy he created based on political change through voluntary action and the movement of the masses reached different countries that were already fighting colonialism to achieve independence.

Leaders and characters


The most used symbols during the French Revolution were:

Women during the French Revolution

It was very intense, although this story is not told. The women fought for the feminist demands and their social status because they knew what food cost and the difficulties in getting their families through. Their struggle bore results in the summer of 1793, when they achieved political equality in the sections, assemblies and popular societies. Some of them were:

Social classes during the French Revolution


Among the most recognized phrases that emerged during the French Revolution we mention:

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