Sixth generation of computers

Over the years, computer system has advanced so rapidly that the functions performed by computers and the speed of their operations have been significantly transformed. With each generation of computers, technological advances are becoming increasingly important. This time, the sixth generation of computers, which are known today, will be discussed.

Sixth generation of computers
  • Date: Since 1990
  • Inventors: Tim Berners-Lee
  • Devices: Laptops, PDAs, mobiles

What is the sixth generation of computers?

It could be considered that the sixth generation of computers has its beginning at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, without a completion date since it is still considered to be in development. In effect, the technological advances of the previous generation are maintained in order to improve and/or expand them. The devices generated have the common feature of being designed for personal consumption, which has led to simplification, but at the same time, they are capable of performing different functions.

Characteristics of the sixth generation of computers

Inventors of the sixth generation of computers

Tim Berners-Lee: Computer scientist dedicated to working on the idea of a graphical browser user interface, in order to be able to navigate from texts connected to each other, generating a source of accessibility to the Internet. He develops the computer network called: Worldwide Web (WWW), which later becomes into the global information network, allowing users to connect with any type of information and content.

Featured computers of the sixth generation of computers

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