The word segregation itself refers to the act and effect of separating, marginalizing, or putting something apart from a specific thing or person. If we are talking about people, segregation usually occurs for cultural or political reasons. The term is widely used to refer to one of the most important and growing problems in society.

What is segregation?

Segregation is the act and effect that arises when one thing is separated, marginalized or separated from another, it can occur in different spheres, places, things and people, which is the one that occurs most frequently within human society.

Types of segregation

Racial segregation

Racial segregation is the separation, either by law or by action, of people of different ethnicities in all sorts of daily activities, such as education, housing, and the use of public facilities. While no longer considered acceptable in most countries, racial segregation still exists in many communities and occurs through the individual actions of its members. It can occur even when different ethnicities members prefer to associate and do business among themselves. However, as the world moves toward the understanding that all people belong to the same human family, such practices have become less prevalent, and an increasing number of communities have broken down the barriers that divide ethnicities. Most modern societies no longer practice it and are officially against it.


Urban social segregation is the result of the different groupings that occur within the different social strata of a given population in different residential areas. It has negative effects mainly on the general population and not only on certain specific groups. It is a type of segregation that is widely practiced in the world and modern cities, and its causes are merely the result of industrialization and economy.


Urban segregation is considered to be a combination of social and geographical differences that can occur within a specific population or territory, it is a way of separating a given population due to its social, economic and ethnic characteristics. These differences include aspects such as infrastructure, housing, medical care, types of commerce, food and education. It is considered a discriminatory and racist action by a community that wants to separate from it a certain group of people they consider different or inferior.


This type of segregation consists of the excessive concentration of women in some jobs and men in other different jobs. This is mainly due to the stereotype that exists about gender and the possibility of professional development regardless of sex in different areas and activities. Women are the most affected because they get fewer job opportunities and few options when choosing a professional career. Among the stereotypes that affect female work, we can mention the shorter labor trajectory than that of men, the preference for part-time work and the low availability that some of them have to work overtime or comply with long hours.

Gender segregation

Gender segregation is the same as talking about sexual segregation. Society and traditional culture are largely responsible for determining the roles and relationships between sexes, which generally find great inequalities and asymmetry in acting and power, especially against women. It also happens in cases of gender changes, people with different lifestyles in the sexual sphere and those who fail to fit into the basic profiles of society.


Function segregation are methods used by companies and organizations to adequately separate the different types of functions and activities that take place within companies. It is a control mechanism to avoid material losses, deficiencies and internal problems. At the same time, it helps entrepreneurs to locate possible sources of fraud, errors, irregularities within the company and at the same time, gives them the protection they need for proper business operation.

Farm segregations

The act by which an original farm is separated into one or more portions of land, in such a way that it forms an independent farm within it. To carry out a property segregation, it is necessary that a technician carries out a project of parceling or segregation, in which he will study the property, will carry out a series of measurements and calculations placing all those results in a plan.


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