The study of the energy that surrounds us, about the matter that composes everything, about time and space has awakened man for centuries. Physics is one of the oldest disciplines, and from the great scientific revolutions of the 17th century, it acquired a modern science passport. The physics field of action is so wide that it has ended up intertwining with other sciences such as chemistry and astronomy. Men as Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have made such surprising contributions that they have radically changed the concepts of this science.

In Physics section we go through all the laws that govern each of the disciplines of physics. From the first conceptions to the most recent ones that have demolished everything that has been written before. All subjects are approached with scientific rigor without losing the ease of understanding. Also here, the lives of those great men who made this science one of the most dynamic can be found, trying to explain the existence of the universe itself.


Articles from the encyclopedia of Physics