The need to know the whys and wherefores of diseases, as well as the processes that led human beings to death, has been a concern for humanity since ancient times. Therefore, medicine as a science dedicated to the study of the human body, its development, its evolution and the diseases that affect it, has existed, in a practical way, since the beginning of history. Progress in different fields of this science has been – and continues to be – wonderful and has made possible to prolong people’ life expectancy in better and healthier conditions.

Readers will find in this section everything related to different disciplines that make up medicine as a science. Definitions, concepts and, above all, they will be able to know each one of the great advances that exist in this so important field of human life.

Health, in its increasingly holistic conception, broadens the scope of medicine on a daily basis. Here you will find the most modern concepts, together with the fabulous alliance that makes up medicine and technology. Each theme is accompanied by images that illustrate and facilitate understanding.


Articles from the encyclopedia of Medicine