Anarcho-Capitalism is the result of a mixture of different doctrines or beliefs, economic liberalism and political anarchism. When we refer to political liberalism, we must mention that its beginnings took place in the seventeenth century and has been experiencing some changes with time, always focusing on market economy, trying to stop the controls, problems and obstacles that it faces, defending private property and demonstrating that it is impossible to maintain a single central planning body that organizes and controls everything from the highest parts of society. Political anarchism originates in the nineteenth century and the most important part is the proposal of social organization as an alternative to the central and monopoly power that the monarchies have and have taken over the modern State.


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What is anarcho-capitalism?

Anarcho-capitalism also known as free market anarchism or libertarian anarchism, is a political philosophy based on promoting anarchy to eliminate the State and to protect people' sovereignty through private property and free-market products.

Anarcho-capitalism history

Anarcho-capitalism first emerged during the second half of the 20th century within what was known as libertarianism. It took many ideas from the old American individualist anarchism during the 19th century. The movement based his economic and legal arguments on many different theories, the most important being the economic analysis of law or the public election theory. The main precursor of this theory is the classical liberal John Locke, who made arguments regarding the way people mix their own work with resources without having an owner and then, turn these resources into part of their property. Privatization concept was enunciated by the Frenchman Jakob Mauvillon during the 18th century.

Anarcho-capitalism characteristics

Anarcho-capitalism principles

This economic and political current takes its ideas from the Austrian economic school, and from classic American individual anarchism by discarding its theory of work-value. Among its main principles we can mention:

Anarcho-capitalism representatives

Some of the main representatives are mentioned below:


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