This section of Thematic Encyclopedia Euston96 is dedicated to reviewing the main artistic expressions that the human being has been created throughout its history. Painting and sculpture, as the most finished expressions of cultural legacy, occupy a central position in this section.

In this segment, our readers will be able to access a journey through all different movements and currents of expression that have developed in arts. The great masters of sculpture and painting are described in excellent articles, accompanied by high quality images.

The following section reviews the evolution of man’s cultural expressions. It begins with the primitive records of cave paintings up to the most modern manifestations that marked great stages in the world of artistic creation.  Michelangelo and Andy Warhol; Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dalí. All of them recreating in an easy and profound way each one of the concepts that are part of this section, so that the reader can enjoy a unique experience.


Articles from the encyclopedia of Art